Why Choose Us?

Small and Personalized Practice

One of the reasons Drs. Swearingen and Healy became orthodontists is because they loves spending time with their patients. As a result, Kingwood Orthodontics is designed to provide individualized patient attention, rather than treating you like just another number at one of those mega-clinics. Our goal is to give our patients a neighborhood feel, while providing high-quality and cutting-edge treatment. Our personalized practice mentality is evident in everything we do. From capping our practice size each year, to ensuring that all orthodontic work is done by the orthodontist themselves rather than an assistant, you won’t simply be a step in an assembly line at Kingwood Orthodontics. Your smile matters to us and every patient is unique! We hope to follow the golden rule in serving as your care provider, that is, to treat you exactly how we would want to be treated!

Modern Technology and Treatments

Orthodontics has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last decade in terms of using new technology to achieve a more perfect smile for patients.  At Kingwood Orthodontics, we have invested in the latest orthodontic equipment so that we can provide you with the best orthodontic outcome. Whether its the use of our in-house digital imaging technology that allows us to plan treatments more accurately, or incorporating new resources such as temporary anchorage devices that allow previously unattainable results, Kingwood Orthodontics is committed to using proven modern techniques to achieve great smiles for our patients. In addition to traditional braces, we also offer a variety of the latest options in orthodontics including clear and self ligating brackets, and Invisalign.

Board Certified Orthodontists

Orthodontists not only complete dental school, but also an additional two to three years of an ADA-accredited graduate orthodontic program. While completing a specialty program in orthodontics, residents learn how best to align and move teeth into beautiful, healthy smiles. Only those professionals who complete this educational pathway may call themselves orthodontists.

Only orthodontists who complete an ADA-accredited orthodontic program may continue on to become board certified by the American Board. Board certification is based on the highest standards of orthodontic knowledge and clinical skill. To become board certified, orthodontists must complete a thorough written examination in all areas of the orthodontic specialty. During a comprehensive clinical examination, orthodontists present several finished patient cases for review by the expert examiners of the American Board of Orthodontics and complete an oral examination that evaluates diagnosis, treatment-planning, and finished treatment ability.

Both Dr. Swearingen and Dr. Healy are board certified and has successfully completed the voluntary, rigorous examination process offered through the American Board of Orthodontics, the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the ADA and sponsored by the American Association of Orthodontists. She is committed to providing you with quality care.

Our Home is Your Home

Going to the doctor shouldn’t be something you dread! As part of our approach to having a small and personalized practice, we like to make our office feel like a home away from home for both patients and parents. When visiting, you are welcome to enjoy drinks and snacks in our waiting room, browse the web on our waiting-room iPads, and play video games in the arcade area.

And just like at home, we want to celebrate our patients’ successes. So if your child has an achievement you’d like to highlight, let us know and we’ll proudly display it on our electronic bulletin board.

Convenient Before-School and After-Work Hours

We know that getting to the Orthodontist while students are in school, and parents are at work is not always easy. Consequently, in addition to regular work hours, we can offer early-morning and after-work appointments to work around your schedule when possible.

Giving Back

Our office is always looking for ways to give back to our community because without our community we wouldn’t be here. This year we are excited to have sponsored the following groups and events:

  • Kingwood High School Theatre Program
  • Kingwood Fillies
  • This is Kingwood Festival
  • Sand Creek Swim Team
  • Kingwood Football League
  • Addi’s Faith Foundation and 5K
  • Operation Backpack
  • Coach K Foundation

Dr. Swearingen is also a provider for Smiles Change Lives. Smiles Change Lives is a national non-profit organization which promotes and provides access to life-changing, essential orthodontic care for patients from low-income families. For more information on Smiles Change Lives check out www.smileschangelives.org.