Kingwood Coins

Patients at Kingwood Orthodontics can collect up to 5 “Kingwood Coins” at each appointment, which they can redeem throughout their treatment for a number of prizes or if they choose, they can donate their coins to that month’s local charity, and Drs. Blake and Healy will make a donation in the patient’s name for the number of Kingwood Coins donated.

How to Earn Kingwood Coins

Remember to earn Kingwood Coins throughout your treatment by completing the “5 T’s” for every appointment:

Collect Up To 5 Kingwood Coins Per Visit

Earn Up To 5 Kingwood Coins Per Visit

  1. Time – Arrive on time for your appointment.
  2. T-Shirt – Wear your Kingwood Orthodontics T-Shirt on the day of your appointment.
  3. Teeth – Getting an A on your elastic wear and brushing.
  4. Trivia – Answer the monthly Kingwood Orthodontics Trivia question from our Facebook page.
  5. Tell – Bringing in your own smile quote for Dr. McIver’s quote wall.